LOTMAXX CH-10 3D Printer

LOTMAXX CH-10 3D Printer





 Printing Temperature



Diameter Tolerance


Temperature of

Heated Bed

60-80℃ (Do not need to heat if use heat insulating paper)



Water Absorption


Velocity of Liquid Flow


Flexural Modulus


Net Weight


Tensile Strength




Fracture Extension


  • Vacuum Packaging

    Protect the material from contamination, easy to store, and extend the storage period;

  • Lighter Package

    This material can be carried or installed easily;



All polymers will degrade over time and the following methods would help to extend the life of the materials.

①Do not open the package of materials when it is not needed;

②Let the materials avoid ultraviolet light (like sunlight);

③If you do not use the printer for a long time, repack it with a plastic bag to prevent moisture;

④Generally, use the materials within 12 months after receiving the materials.


  • Widely Compatible

    Most 3D printers are applicable and perfectly match PLA materials;


  • Biological Raw Materials

    Ensure printing smoothly, stable and uniform filament output, high printing accuracy, and the molding surface is beautiful;


  • Degradable, Environmentally Friendly Materials

    Healthy, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-irritating odor;

  • High Tensile Strength

    The strength and rigidity of the 3D models are high, the shape of models can be maintained and it is hard to crack;

  • No Curling, High Ductility and Good Fluidity

    Ensure printing smoothly, high printing accuracy, and the molding surface is beautiful;

  • High-purity PLA

    The material is uniform when printing, the molding and surface is of high quality and shiny, and the texture is easily can be seen;

  • A Variety of Colors

    Print the color as you like, the color is full and pure.

Diameter/ Diameter Tolerance
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