Lotmaxx SC-10 3D Printer

Lotmaxx SC-10 3D Printer



- 235*235*280mm Print size
Support filament break detection
Support resume printing after power loss
Support resume a stopped print
- Support online or TF card offline printing. 
3.5-inch Touch LCD Screen. Support 7 languages - Chinese; English; German; Russian; Spanish; French; Italian.
Integrated metal body design. Mute printing.

 Product Specification:

Model SC-10
Frame material Aluminum profile
Platform board Aluminum alloy + fiberglass board + platform sticker
Nozzle quantity 1
Nozzle diameter 0.4mm
Nozzle temperature 0 to 260 degree 
Product forming size 235mm (length) * 235mm (width) * 280mm (height)
Layer thickness 0.1---0.4mm
Memory card offline print TF Card
LCD Screen Yes
Print speed 180mm/s (MAX)
Platform temperature MAX100°C
Supporting material PLA, ABS, TPU, Wood, Copper-bearing, Gradient, etc.
Material diameter 1.75mm
Language Chinese, English, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian
File format STL, Obj, amf
Model supporting function Yes
XY-axis positioning accuracy 0.012mm
Z-axis positioning accuracy 0.004mm
Voltage 100-120V / 200-240V
Working Power Input: AC 100-120V-6A/200-240V-3.4A, output: 24V, 14.6A
Host computer software Repetier-Host, Cura, Simplyfy3D
System support XP, WIN7, MAC
Voltage Range 100-120V / 200-240V
Curren (mA) 24V, 1460mA
Power Supply Plug EU Standard(Default)
Connector Type USB, SD card, WIFI (need to purchase WIFI module separately)
Product weight 7.8kg
Package weight 10.4kg
Product Size 432*467*490mm
Package dimensions 520*510*290mm


Package Included:

1 x 
LOTMAXX SC-10  3D Printer Kit


Filament does not stick on hotbed?

For newcomers, this is the most common problem. Do not worry, you can solve it easily. Generally, the distance between nozzle and platform is too far or near. So rotary the knob under the platform to adjust the distance between the nozzle and platform again, at a piece of A4 paper distance or less).

The display shows "Min temp"?

This happens for the following reasons: 1. The Thermistor port of nozzle is not plugged into the motherboard above or poor contact; 2. The Thermistor port of nozzle is broken, you need to replace the spare thermistor.

The display shows "MAX temp"?

This happens for the following reasons: 1. Thermistor port of nozzle screw is locked tightly, cause the temperature can not be sensing; 2.Thermistor port of nozzle is broken, you need to replace the spare thermistor.

Axis movement is not normal?

Please check axis lines and limit lines whether the one-to-one correspondence, whether loose. When you check the extruder motor, you must preheat nozzle over 185℃.

Circles not round, Lines not touching?

If X/Y belt is loose, you can find circles are not round, Lines not touching when printing. Tighten all belts as far as possible.


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