1.How do i pay if do not have a PayPal account?

Answer: If you do not have a PayPal account, you can Pay with PayPal express checkout.you just enter your Credit or Debit card to checkout.
No PayPal account still can checkout.

2. Question:How long will i get the printer after I paid?

Answer:It depend on your location, in US and EU, usually within 7 days. other area will be within 2 weeks.

3. Question: Are you free shipping

Answer:We are free shipping only for the following country or area:USA,Canada,Germany,Italy,Franch,Austria,Belgium,Denmark,Netherlands.Other country,
we will charge the shipping fees

4.Question:Does this 3d printer support laser engraving function?
Answer:Yes, it can be used with the laser kits to extend laser engraving function.

5.Question:Where do you get the laser kits? How much do they cost? Can the 3d printer still work as a 3d printer while the laser kit is installed?

Answer:The laser unit is sold on Amazon too or you can get it from many other retailers. I paid $50 for it but the have gone for cheaper with coupons.
The printer can still print as long as the laser controller inst plugger into the machine. Do note that you won't be able to use auto bed level and
it will reduce your max print size slightly

6.Question:Will this printer support Carbon Fiber Nylon filaments?

Answer:You would need to change out the nozzle for something hardened like a Ruby one but the printer is more than capable of the temp and speed requirements.