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Auto Leveling (3D Touch) Modules for Lotmaxx Shark V2
Note: 1. Only ship with LOTMAXX  SHARK V2. Not a single piece shipment.           2. Please choose the same color as...
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LOTMAXX Glass Build Plate for SC-10 Shark / SHARK V2
Advantages:     It is easy to take the model from the plate, no need to use a shovel. The...
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Lotmaxx SC-10 Shark V2 3D Printer
$499.00 $429.00
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LOTMAXX Original Magnetic Build Plate for SC-10 Shark, Shark V2
Size: 250mm x 250mm (9.84 inch x 9.84 inch). 【Original Part for SHARK】Size: 250×250mm. Original Build Surface Platform for LOTMAXX...


Lotmaxx sc-10 shark review by JAMES BRUCE
Lotmaxx sc-10 shark review by JAMES BRUCE

This reivew by JAMES BRUCE on Easy to use, good quality prints, reasonably priced: pick any two when it comes...

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How to save 3D printing materials
How to save 3D printing materials

Since 2012, after 3D printing technology has become popular in domestic and foreign markets, the development direction of 3D printing...

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How to choose a 3d printer for the beginners
How to choose a 3d printer for the beginners

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What our customer say

  • Tecbears Wood PLA. 205/50, 2mm layer height. It just finished up (bout an hour after this Pic was taken), so about 44hrs. I can't say I'm overly thrilled, or unhappy. Wood is going to be stringy, nearly always. Dial in retraction best you can, and keep your torch at the ready for post cleanup lol. It did leave some organic looking branches, which I may keep. Gonna drop layer height down to 0.16 for the roof, and see how that goes.
  • So far so good, this is my first machine that includes automatic bed leveling via a BL touch and it works great. The printer is silent while operating, and has 3 cooling fans which Iv noticed helps significantly with any prints that have large areas of overhang. The build plate is a magnetic removable flex plate with a buildtak like surface. The prints stick extremely well too it, make sure your first layer isn’t squished too much or you may have issues trying to remove your print from the plate. Leveling the z gap after doing an auto bed leveling is super easy and seems to stick in memory so you do it once and that’s it. Overall I’m happy with the purchase, looking forward to getting the laser module I purchased and trying to do some laser engraving. The included filament is okay but Iv noticed better quality prints using my own PLA.
  • When I got this printer, I felt very excited. I have to say that this printer is really easy to install and use. To install this printer, I just need to put the various parts together, install the screws, plug in the power, then it can print. Even for a novice, to completely install this printer (including the hotbed and the second extrusion), it only takes 15 minutes! To be honest, doing a manual bed level is a very troublesome thing in traditional printers, but this printer is equipped with an automatic manual bed level function, which can automatically complete this complicated operation by clicking a few buttons, which I like very much. So far, I have been using it for a few days. During these few days, I printed some very beautiful models, and it worked very stably. Of course, the quality of the printed models is not a problem. I also put some pictures of these printed models in this review, you can see the effect of this printer (I used many colors of consumables). What makes me even more surprised is that it can easily print two-color models! This means I can print some more beautiful models, such as a black and white two-color vase. And with this printer, to switch colors, I don't need to pause and change consumables, I just need to put the consumables I need into two different extruders! If you like to print more models, this printer will be a very good choice! All in all, this printer is a very good product, I am very satisfied with it, and it can also upgrade the laser engraving function. If you want to own a 3d printer, you must consider this machine!

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